Kangaroo Comments 2.0 


What is it

Kangaroo Comments is a comments-as-a-service for React apps. As a React developer I felt there is something missing. A SIMPLE to use solution for comments section in my apps. Sure there is some solutions out there , but they all had things I didn't liked. Tracking, self-hosting, complicated integrations - you name it! So I decided to build my own solution - Kangaroo is the result.

Kangaroo works as any other npm library what makes the integration as simple as posible! as FOSS enthusiast I decied to open source the component and its available in my Github! Basically for these who prefer to build their own server and database but want to use my React component. A sample app also available in that repo and its already connected to Kangaroo server so you can always try it out. Instraction to run the example is in README.md.

For these who want to use the service with my database and server , please follow the instraction below! 👇

How to use

I believe that tools and services should be as simple as posible. That what I tried to achive here - and I think I nailed it. Because of that - there is NO NEED with documintation at all! Just a simple explanation!

Lets start

First you need to go to the panel. You can navigate there throu the GO TO PANEL at the top right corner. Then simply signup and activate your account through the link sent to your email.

You ready

Now all you have to do is to login - and add new website to yours account by entering a name and clicking ADD WEBSITE. You then get a token to identify your website. Thats all!

In your app

You will have to download the React component from NPM. From your project console -

npm i -S kangaroo-comments

and then

import Comments from 'kangaroo-comments';

Last step...

<Comments siteName={'tokenFromPanel'} pageName={'pageIdentifier'}/>

siteName - the token you obtained from your panel. For each website you should obtain new token

pageName - the uniqe identifier for each page you want to add comments Its very inportant that this value will by uniqe so the comments wont mix with other pages. for example if its a blog - each post have its own ID or title so you can use these values as the pageName

Important note about pageName

pageName - CANT end with special characters like $, %, #... please be cerful! the component wont work if your pageName string ends with it.

Features! 🎉

100% javascript - the component is written 100% using javascript and React

Infinite depth - users can comments on other comments reddit style(;!

markdown support - support markdown syntax! add comments with bold, italic, title and more!

google auth - the component backed with google Oauth flow to assure the comments come from legit users

dead simple! - All you have to do is create new token from the panel - and add the component to your app! thats all, I swear

100% free - It's free! Try it out! No tracking! No ads! Nothing at all.

Try it! 🕹